Log Home Maintenance Program

WOLF LOG HOMES LLC 32 years of experience.  Our trained and certified inspectors offer you the expertise necessary to inspect, repair and maintain your log home.

Scheduled inspections and preventative maintenance is the key to guaranteeing the beauty and value of  your home.
Performing Maintenance will eliminate any costly restoration expenditures that may occur.
Mountain Valley offers:  the latest in preservation agents and technology.
Our maintenance programs are divided into incremental plans of 3, 5, and 9 years.

 Comprehensive Inspections Include :

Downspouts & Spouting: are inspected and are cleaned and debris removed as necessary
Caulking and Seals: are inspected and re-caulk as necessary.
Checks: are inspected if larger that 1/2" they are filled with backer rod and colored check mate filled to match stain
Windows and Doors: are inspected and checked for seals and threshold leakage. repaired as necessary
Structural Integrity: all logs will be inspected for decay, carpenter bees, etc.
Additional Maintenance: includes removal of bird nest, beehives, wasp nest etc...
Chinking: will be inspected for failures  and corrected as necessary
Roof: Flashing, Valley areas, Shingles and Ridge cap will be examined
Interior: will be inspected to see if water infiltration areas are occurring

Media Blasting:  Proven Method to remover up to 98% of the existing finish back to the bare wood, producing a clean, dry, surace ideal for restaining and other finishes. 

Wood Decay and Log Placement: Log homes are commonly sold with a preservative treatment to help protect the logs. However over time these preservatives can break down.

Chinking: Occasional failures in your chinking may occr. due to movement of the logs.Mountain Valley can inspect and repair your damaged chinking.

Staining and Cleaning: We use only the best products when protecting your home, Thats why we use Perma-Chink Log Home Products.

Insect Protection: One major concern is insects boring holes digesting wood and building nests.

Roof Cleaning:  Cleaning your roof can help prevent Mold or black stains and extend the life of your roof.

Air Filtration: Logs can gain and lose moisture creating opportunities for gaps to form between your logs. This can cause sealing systems to fail.

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